Fast cost estimates

Create and edit cost estimates quickly. 

  • AirInc data included - allowances and costs automatically calculated
  • Equus tax engine included - income tax, social tax, employer taxes all automatically calculated
  • Easily override numbers and create your own templates
  • Share outputs and open for comments to speed up the review process
Cost estimates feb 2024

Includes Equus Tax Engine

157 Tax Authorities | 96 Countries | 42 Taxable US States | 10 Canadian Provinces | 9 Swiss Cantons

+ Air Inc cost and allowance data

Create a cost estimate in seconds

Straightforward inputs, calculates in seconds. 

Share cost estimates with the business

No more attaching PDFs to emails. 

Share securely online via link.  When clicking the link the recipient receives a code to confirm it is them.  No need to create accounts first.

Share cost estimate

Override values

Easily override calculated values and view which amounts have been changed.

Cost estimate override values

Create multiple versions

Copy, create new versions, flag the final one as primary.

Cost estimate list
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