Create processes

Manage tasks consistently, with a sprinkle of automation.

  • Create your own templates
  • Set reminders
  • Add automation steps
  • Share tasks
  • Track subtasks, status, comments
Process management Feb 2024

Create your own process

Turn on/off the Workia pre-loaded steps and add your own tasks and subtasks.

checklist settings

Add quick actions

Add quick actions to your checklist steps, to create approvals and cost estimates, send an email, or update a status.  + More actions coming.

checklist automation

Track details

Add reminders, subtasks, due dates and process status. 

Tasks can be assigned to anyone - employees, HR and mobility.

Plus, add comments or documents.

checklist step detail - cropped

View all your tasks in one place

My Workia gives you an overview of all your tasks across all your cases. 

Colleague out of the office?  No problem, filter for their tasks and instantly see what is due. 

My Workia
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