Reduce global mobility risks

What do you need to do to reduce risks in your global mobility program?

(And how Workia can help)

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Know who you are responsible for


Your population is managed over a range of vendors, tracked in a variety of vendor apps and spreadsheets.  You need to know who you are responsible for, in order to be accountable.

Track all your mobility cases in one place - no matter what type of move or who the supplier is.
Workia gives you a way to own your core data in one place, all your moves are reportable, trackable, commentable.  Supplier apps are still great for detail, but for company mobility data (who is where, why, when, who is responsible), you own it. 
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Actively monitor immigration

An employee arrives without proper immigration clearance, invalidates their work permit, or overstays.
Use a tracking tool that tracks all immigration, across all suppliers and all types of support. 
Workia allows you to track any immigration document.  Track status, save copies and of course Workia automatically alerts you ahead of time to expiring documents, so you can act proactively. 
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Keep records where they can be found

Two years after a move, the team has moved on, laptops have been changed and no one can find the original agreements.  
Store your documents in your HR system, or a tool specifically for mobility.  Avoid shared folders, saving locally and emails.
Workia stores all your mobility documents connected to a case.  All of Workia is continuously backed-up.  Documents can be shared via secure link and comments can be easily added to any document ("this is the very last final version").
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Track exceptions.. and update policies

Exceptions are not properly tracked, leading to inequity, employee dissatisfaction if they are forgotten and lack of data to evolve policies based on real world activity.
Use an approval tool to track exceptions, so the approval process is tracked and auditable and the results are reportable.  Regularly review exception data to ensure policies reflect what is really happening.
Workia allows you to flexibly create and send approvals, tracking status and reporting on outcomes.
Career plan

Create process that is easy to follow

Even with the best team, without a clear, easy to follow process things will get missed.
Use a tool to create a consistent process that everyone in the team can follow.
Workia allows you to setup your process by move type.  Easily assign tasks, add automations, track progress and step in for others when they are out.
Increasing costs

Estimate costs at the outset of a move

Costs to move employees are often far higher than managers expect and occasionally surprisingly lower. Without tracking costs, budgets can receive an unexpected hit at the end of the year.
Create cost estimates. 
Workia allows you to create a cost estimate for every move.

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