AI Email Assistant

Create perfect emails instantly and boost productivity with our AI email assistant. Say goodbye to wasted time writing emails and hello to more time focusing on what matters.

Save hours per day

With our AI email assistant, create personalized emails with just a few clicks for employee welcome, introduction, or case updates. Pick the details, set the tone, and go.

Communicate confidently

Feeling stuck or short on time when writing emails? Create personalized emails from scratch or easily improve a draft in seconds.

Easy email management 

Draft, send and track emails all in one place. Send emails directly from Workia and replies will automatically be filed back into the case record. Say goodbye to searching for scattered conversations.


How does our AI email assistant work?

No magic tricks here✨. Just OpenAI-based technology paired with our years of global mobility expertise to create prompts that effortlessly enhance your workflow.

Pick what you want 👆

Pick from a number of prompts— whether you need a tailored welcome message or employee check-in email. Hit a wall with a draft or need help with an email from scratch? Then use the rewrite and custom prompt options.

Add a few details

Select the details you would like to include in the email, along with the tone.

Watch the magic

Watch Workia's AI assistant create a well structured, personalized email in seconds. Better yet, a subject line to match it!

Edit, perfect, send

Lacking a few details? You can add details, change tone, make the copy shorter or longer, check your spelling or grammar. Endless improvement options are a few clicks away.
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Privacy and AI

Workia AI uses AI to interpret your query only.  Your case data and all PII remains within Workia and is not shared with the AI engine. 

👉For more information, visit our security portal 



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