Why do I need Workia? 


Many relocation, tax and immigration providers give you access to portals and tools - why not use them instead of Workia?

Workia does not replace your supplier tech;  it's complimentary, doing many things that provider tools cannot.

Here's how:

Your provider system can create reports!

But only for the people in your provider's system.. 

If you have multiple immigration, tax, or relocation providers, no one provider is going to have all your employees in one place. 

With Workia you can store all your mobility managed employees in one tool.  All reportable from one place.  No stiching together.  No-one gets forgotten. 

Your provider system can send alerts!

But only for that provider..

With Workia you track all your important data in one place, with all alerts for services, actions, reminders in one place.

Your provider system stores documents!

But not internal ones.. 

You can't store internal contracts, letters and agreements that the supplier doesn't need to see.

With Workia you can store, share and comment on all your documents, including the senstive internal ones that you do not want or need to share with your supplier.

Your provider system is always there for you!

Until you change supplier..

With Workia, you own Workia, it doesn't matter if you change tax, immigration or relocation suppliers, your Workia app is still yours. 

Your provider system is really useful!

Yes it is!

Workia does not replace your existing relocation, tax, or immigration supplier tools. These tools will continue to be valuable for accessing service details, KPIs, exceptions etc. Ultimately, supplier tools help suppliers provide a great service, Workia helps you provide a great service.

Plus, Workia brings additional features that are unlikely to be found within supplier tools:


Collaborate with your team

Comment and tag colleagues, with everything tracked in Workia.

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