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Managing global mobility without technology is hard.

Workia helps secure data, manage process and increase efficiency.


Mobility teams spend millions moving top performers around the world.  Yet most do this using spreadsheets with many columns.  Tracking deadlines in calendars, saving contracts in shared folders, emails back and forth all day.  

This isn't right.  Mobility teams deserve technology designed for them.  

Specifically for small to medium sized mobility programs

Workia is no implementation, affordable technology, specifically designed for small to medium sized mobility programs.  

Workia's out of the box features means you can start using it straight away.

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Workia manages moves in cases

Each move has a case, each case centralizes the information and processes for a move.
This is what a case looks like:
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Streamline processes and data

Replace manual processes and spreadsheets with a centralized digital platform.

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