You are busy.

Workia makes you less busy.

Workia is made for mobility, built for productivity. 

Struggle pre-Workia

Workia provides all sizes of mobility teams with a new, affordable, smarter way to manage employee moves Backed by Equus Software, the leading creator of global mobility technology.

AI Analytics

Create reports and charts from your data, by asking AI analytics.


Instead of this:

You'll have more of this:

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Made for mobility. 

Our Workia team has moved people in big and small programs.  We've used many spreadsheets, outlook reminders, good old OneNote.  We've used big enterprise tech and automated anything that moved and lots of things that shouldn't. 

Workia is our middle ground.  We are creating something that enables the vast majority of mobility teams to easily adopt technology.  This opens the door to getting stuff done faster and being more confident that things are going well (or knowing what isn't).  It's exciting, there's a lot we have done and much more planned - come take a look!

Team & HR Collaboration

Send approvals, assign tasks, add comments, give HR and the business access to view status and tasks.

Take a look at some of our our features, so far..

Who, where, when

Say goodbye to an assortment of spreadsheets, see all your moves in one place.

Small list screen

What to do today

Know what is due, what is upcoming, don't miss deadlines. 

tasks boxes dashboard

Get approvals

Send anything for approval - exceptions, moves, documents.  Send to anyone, track progress, create an audit trail✔️.


Check your process

Use our checklists or create your own. Assign tasks, set reminders, track progress.


Checklist shorter sample

Have a comment on that?

Add comments ('this is the final version, finally'). Alert colleagues to updates and changes by commenting.

comments on move screen single-1

Documents, Agreements, Letters

Workia gives you a place to store it all.  One place, all your documents, saved, backed-up.

Documents section-1

You got mail

(and you know where it is)

Send emails from Workia, or copy Workia into your emails.  Replies automatically file back into the case record.  No more searching for something someone said somewhere.

Email in system-2
"Not too much and not too little - the Goldilocks of mobility management software"
Mobility Manager

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