Workia Tracker

A low effort way to harness technology. 

  • Quickly replace spreadsheets
  • Immediately gain better data tracking
  • Generate reports straightaway
  • Save comments, documents in cases
  • Choose if/when you use any other Workia features


Replace spreadsheets quickly

Load your cases and that's it.  Workia tracker is a simple way to upgrade your move management.  No implementation time, no change management process.  Simply swap opening a spreadsheet for opening Workia. 

What do I gain with no effort?

  • Cleaner, clearer data and status tracking for a move
  • Instant reporting - filter your list, download it
  • Securely store documents in case records
  • Searchable records
  • Workia in your Outlook 
  • Simple task tracking, with the option to add your own task lists
  • AI analytics - ask the AI assistant for breakdowns, charts, counts of your data
  • Track exceptions, send anything for approval

What about change management?

No need to change how employees, HR, line managers work with mobility.  No need to change your processes.  Simply swap out your spreadsheets for Workia Tracker.

What if we want more?

You can upgrade to another Workia plan whenever you want.  Add integration (Workday, SAP) and email templates, see pricing for details.

Who, where, when

Say goodbye to an assortment of spreadsheets, see all your moves in one place.

Small list screen

What to do today

Know what is due, what is upcoming, don't miss deadlines. 

tasks boxes dashboard

Documents, agreements, letters

Workia gives you a place to store it all.  One place, all your documents, saved, backed-up.

Documents section-1

Have a comment on that?

Add comments to documents ('this is the final version, finally'). Alert colleagues to updates and changes by commenting.

comments on move screen single-1

You got mail

Track all emails sent from Workia, replies automatically file back into the case record.  No more searching for something someone said somewhere.

Email in system-2

Checklists for you

Getting into the details now: checklists generate automatically for each new move.  Reassign, reorder, complete the tasks as you wish. 

Don't like the tasks we have added?  We wont be upset - change the templates as much as you want. 



Checklist simple-2

& Last up..

Security first

It's your HR data - security comes first.  Workia is built to industry-leading security, hosting and backup standards.

Check out our trust center for more information:

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